Myo Control

The user can control each of these developed hands with a set of EMG sensors. Here we demonstrate a sample implementation using the EMG signals of the MYO armband.

The trajectory of fingers for grasping objects  is defined based on the human grasp database, that contains 33 grasps required to perform the daily tasks. Based on this database and a significant amount of experiments, we succeeded to extract 5 grasping synergies that are able to achieve these 33 grasp forms.

Each synergy is basically the trajectories defined for each of the actuators from the start point to the end point.

The first synergy is composed of 4 intermediate steps from the start to the end point. In this way only with the first synergy, the hand is able to achieve 21 out of the 33 grasp forms. These intermediate steps have been carefully selected after several experiments to allow adaptability of the hand to a wide range of objects.

In order to control the ISR-Softhand with these 5 synergies, we utilize the gesture detection of the Myo-Armband. The “fist” gesture for closing, the  “Fingers spread” Gesture for opening the hand and the “wave right” or “wave left” gestures for changing between the synergies.

With this method the user can effectively achieve all the synergies and grasps.

Here, we show how different objects are being grasped with the ISR-Soft hand with different synergies.

The users can pick an object on a table or easily serve water.